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Eco Friendly Flooring Products

Eco friendly flooring products

At C&L Flooring we have access to high quality eco-friendly products manufactured in sustainable ways to not only treat the earth responsibly but to decrease unhealthy chemicals in our homes and workplaces.
Eco-friendly flooring not only helps to protect our natural environment but it helps to provide safe indoor air quality making it a great choice for those with environmental sensitivities such as asthma or allergies.
We also use a certified dustless HEPA vacuum while completing any necessary grinding to ensure that no harmful, invisible, silica dust is released into your home. 

High quality and eco-friendly doesn’t always mean a higher price. Please contact us to learn more.


Eco Friendly Flooring Options

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors offer a classic look and feel that adds luxury to any home. There are a variety of styles and finishes to suit your lifestyle and preferences. From Engineered hardwood to reclaimed wood harvested from BC forests, we can provide sustainable options created without harmful chemicals that are FSC certified.

Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are a man made product, created when a high-quality image of any variety of wood flooring is printed onto a melamine backing and then adhered onto an MDF press board of varying quality. Proper construction of the MDF press board is crucial to ensuring an eco-friendly and high quality flooring product. A poor or cheaply made product will contain harmful chemicals that will off-gas into your home and can be troublesome for those with sensitivities like asthma or allergies. Eco-friendly flooring is created in a sustainable way, using recycled materials and healthier compounds. A true eco-friendly flooring product will often be FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), Greenguard or PEFC (Pan European Forest Certification) certified and/or eligible for LEED or BuiltGreen Canada credits.

Vinyl Floors

A click vinyl will require the same preparation as VCT, but it is installed in a similar fashion to laminate or engineered product, clicked together. However, due to the extra steps of preparation required, vinyl is generally more costly to install than a high-quality laminate product.

Client Testimonials

Customer Review

a month ago

I wouldn’t have my flooring installed by anybody else in the lower mainland. Coriey and his crews are amazing, great service from beginning to end and beyond. I had my engineered hardwood installed in my condo and the workmanship was top notch. I had some issues shortly after installation when a neighbor caused some water damage in my suite (yes through the shared wall and into my kitchen) and Coriey was there for me with advice and support. He went to bat for me with my insurance company, making sure I would be treated fairly. That’s the sort of service you can expect at Floor Envy.

Customer Review

a month ago

My parents got a complete home renovation done by Floor Envy (bathroom, counter, floor and paint) they were very kind and made it easy for them to remain in their house while they worked. Leading up to the holidays, they’ve been especially busy and they made it easy for them to go about without being disturbed.

Customer Review

a week ago

Incredible Service! I needed immediate attention to my office! A full renovation was required and Lacey was amazing. She got a hold of all the appropriate individuals and was able to provide me great bundled pricing!Highly Recommended


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